Photo: Gunnar Wangen

The"Knutegarden and Norangdalen" is surrounded by the "Sunnmøre Alps",and here you can see the mountains plunge vertically into the fjord from an amazing height of 1500-1600 metres .The variety of scenery between peak and fjord reflects Norway in miniature, and has something to offer you at every season!

We are in an excellent location to become your base for day excursions, or as a splendid starting-point for many excursions. You can choose from a range of activities to participate in or you might just want to relax in the peace and quiet of the mountains and fjords.

Norangdalen is a beautiful place! We love to have visitors and we only ask that you help us keep our community beautiful by showing the birds, animals, trails, woods, and mounts the respect that they deserve.


Slogen (1564 m.a.s) is our most famous mountain in this area. It`s less then 10 minutes walk from "Knutegarden" to reach the trail. Start: Øye or Skylstad.
Time: 4 hours up,3 hours down.
In parts steep and demanding.
Good footware is a must.


Other high mountains in the Sunnmøre Alps are:

The Patchell Cabin (DNT) in Habostaddalen, between Slogen and
Smørskredtind. This cabin can accommodate 23 guests.
Start: Øye - Skylstad or Stranda.
Time: 3 hours up,2 hours down.
Good footware necessary.

If you want to hike, you can choose between a lot of different hits and challenge routes from trail heads near our farm. Or, if you just want a nice Norwegian stroll, there are safely marked trails in and about Norangdalen. Not sure about what would be best for you? Just ask and we will be more than happy to make some suggestions.

What does the Fjord country of Norway have over such word treasures as Pompeii, the Great Wall of China, or Venice have in common with? Recently (Mar. 2004) the popular American travelling magazine, "National Geographic Traveler", chose Fjord-Norge as the best travelling destination in the whole world! The competition was fierce for this truly remarkable honor - so come see what we have that earned us that prize - we think we have something to offer the entire world.

Photo: Gunnar Wangen