Urke landhandler

The nearest store is "Urke-landhandler", and is a quick jaunt from Knutegarden (8km) 10 minutes by car. Groceries, beer, petrol/gasoline, lottery, pharmacy, magazines and a very good service from friendly people and a great place to send a post card or two to your family and friends!

Distance by car from Knutegarden-Norangdal to go shopping in:

Urke 10 minutes
Sæbø (including the ferry) 25 minutes
Ørsta (including the ferry) 50 minutes
Volda (including the ferry) 50 minutes
Hellesylt 20 minutes
Stranda 45 minutes
Ålesund 2 hours
Stryn 50 minutes

Inside Urke landhandler

In the nearest densely populated area like - Ørsta , Volda, Stranda , and Stryn you`ll find different stores, work shops, bank, post, cinema, museums, pub, resteaurant and much more. Sæbø, Urke, Hellesylt has groceries, post, bank, petrol and pharmacy. Doctor in Ørsta and Volda.
Hospitale in Volda and Ålesund.