The Hotel Union Øye..(the Pride of the Valley). This majestic structure was build in 1891 by A. Scheldrup and is now owned by Per Ola Ratvik ,Idar Nordang and Johan Øye. With its Swiss-style, special atmosphere and the remarkable beauty of the unspoiled surroundings

Hotel Union Øye became, and remains, a popular destination for tourists.

That romance is still alive as Hotel Union Øye, the Norangsfjorden, and the Sunnmørs Alps continue to charm those visiting!

At Hotel Union Øye you can walk in rooms visited by artists, poets, famous mountaineers and the royalty of Europe - for Hotel Union Øye has hosted celebrities such as Emperor William II, and other royal and aristocratic families from around Europe.
In 1989 the hotel was restored in the original style and has 27 rooms (50 beds) available.

A visit to Hotel Union Øye quickly explains why it deserved the prize it won in 1996, "as one of the worlds 12 most exiting and enchanting hotels"!
You just have to see it yourself! Located less then 10 minutes walk from "Knutegarden". With a restaurant that offers local cuisine that is truly exquisite - Why not reserve a table, enjoy a delicious four-course dinner with that someone special? Or, after a long day hiking and exploring, stop in for a glass of sherry in the white-saloon to sit back and enjoy the beautiful tunes coming from from the old grand piano, or hear about old stories from the times long past?!
Hotel Union Øye

Lygnstølsvatnet. (26.5.1908)
A big rockslide from the mountain Keipen blocked the road and dammed the river. In a short time all of the small mountain-farms (called "sel or sæter"), trees, stonefences, and the road found themselves at the bottom of a newly created lake. We still can see where the old road disappears into the lake, and the old stonewalls from the "sel" under the water (you can see it from the new road). This has become a popular lake for diveing.

Urasætra is an area of small mountain farms (sel/sæter). In days long ago, the young girls from Norangdal used the "Urasætra" every summer for grazing and milking the cows. Some of the "sel" have been restored, and the owners are using them as recreational cottages. But, every summer you can still see the cows and sheep grazing in and about Norangdalen, also around the Urasætra.

Photo: Leif Ø. Nordang
Photo: Leif Ø. Nordang

Villa Norangdal
This historic hotel was built in 1885, and is now being lovingly restored by its newest proprietor Iris Fivelstad. With the restoration almost finished, generations in the Stranda/Ørsta area will be able to continue to enjoy its oldest hotel! Located just 13 km from "Knutegarden-Norangdal", in" Haugen".

This hotel was very important to the start of the tourism industry in our region. Back then, visitors came to Norangdal /Øye by boat, and the farmers,

Villa Norangdal

(sometimes with as many as 150 horses and karts) drove the tourists through Norangdalen by pony carriage to Hellesylt some 23 km away.

Back then, the only rest stop was Hotel Norangdal,(now Villa Norangdal), where the tourists could rent a room, or drive down to Hellesylt and take the ferry to Geiranger.
Villa Norangdal