The animals at the "Knutegarden":
Here you can meet a lot of different animals we raise on the farm. They include: Norwegian- fjordhorse, rabbits, foxes, calfs, bulls,
cows,cats, and a little dog.)

It will be possibility to visit with the animals, even pet a few, but we ask that you make an appointment with us for such a visit, - it helps to have someone with you from the farm who knows the animals! Best times for these visits are after the feeding and chores on the farm.

Norangsfjorden is only 250 m from "Knutegarden" (5min. walk).
The Hjørundfjord is 35 km long and 440 m deep .
Hobby-fishing in the sea for your own consumption is free.
Fishing-rod is permitted.

There are lakes in the Norangsdalen,good fore fishing trout and char, but first you have to buy a fishing-licence which is sold at the license machine at Lygnstølsvatnet.


In"Norangdalelva" you can fish trout and salmon in the season.
Buy fishing-licence at the Hotel Union Øye.
Other rivers for fishing trout and salomon in Ørsta county is,
"Ørstaelva" and "Bondalselva" at Sæbø.
These rivers are split in zones.
Contact the " Ørsta Tourist Information" for more details about freshwater-fishing.

It`s only 250 m to the wharf and boat . In the "Knutegarden" you can hire a 14 foot fiberglass boat + outboard motor.
2- float waistcoats (grown-up) (80 kg)
2 - lifejackets (40 - 60 kg)
1 - lifejacket (30 - 40 kg)
This is a great way to explore the Fjord and see the mountains for another perspective.