Our team, who played a excelent match on friday,have 24 players on paper.(this including also the 7e team) After the match on wednesday i said that there is training on friday at 18:30(this because of our young players, who live at ulsteinvik. Jakob,Bjørnar and Jon-martin) Nobody said no, so i guess that every one is comming.Svein ivar told me that he bring 3 new good players with him who like to play for Sæbø.On this friday 18:30 5 people showed up for training !!! øyvind taklo,øyvind wille,lars urke, mikkel and svein ivar.Frank whas watching the training and needed to stand in the goal.this is something that dagfinn wrote " Men husk fotball er og blir et lagspill" this is something i agree on.(i know that some people has other things to do , but 19 stk.??????)we going to get a hard time with loosing Martin(goalkeeper)to Vartdal.but after training i can say that we get 3 good players back!! we all need to is invest some time in our football club,with training and many things more!!!!!!.so show up.if you can NOT COME to training,than call me ,but not on the last moment please.I ask Rune Sæbønes to write a piece in the møre-nytt that we NEED a new goalkeeper, and he will, he said .Thanks Rune.wednesday we got a match against sykkulven(out) and on saterday against skodje (home) so lets train on monday 18:30see you there,