Ørsta Ski Center at Bondalseidet is about a 10 minute drive from the town of Ørsta, on RV 655 towards Sæbø, and is especially known for its excellent backcountry (off-piste) ski touring routes.


Lygnstøylvatnet in Norangdalen.
Lygnstøylvatnet was formed by a landslide that sprang from Keipen in 1908. If we look into the lake, it is still possible to see remnants of mountain pasture huts with the old road and gate.


Union Hotell, Øye

If you stay at this unique hotel you can appreciate its rich history and possibly catch a glimpse of a ghost...


Restored houses at Bjørke
Approx. 125 years old cotter house and 400 years old court house. Jakob-buda, the general store from the 19th century, and the old boat-houses built together.

Guiding with Perry Bjørke Tel.: +47 70 04 10 53.


Time: 2,5 hours from Barstadvik, or 5-7 hours from Ytre Standal/Romedalen.
Start: Barstadvik, Ytre Standal or Romedalen.Steep and demanding terrain. Popular area for hiking and climbing, famous for the many jagged, wild and spectacular peaks in such a small area. Good footware necessary.


Slogen (1564 meters above sea level)
Time: 4 hours up, 3 hours down.
Start: Øye – Skylstad or Urke. In part steep and demanding. The most renowned of the Sunnmørs peaks, often called "The Queen". Popular among hikers. The easiest route is from Skylstadbrekka at Øye and back via Langsæterdalen to Urke. 


Skårasalen and Kvistaddalen     
Time: 4-8 hours.
Start: Kvistad, follow the Årset river and than towards Kvamsedalen. Ideal for families. Views of many wild and rugged peaks. On the left of the valley you can see the highest peaks, known as Kvistadkjerringane and Skårasalen (1546 m). Normal sports footware.