At least seven queens and a long line of kings, princes and princesses have travelled through Norangsdalen, one of the narrowest valleys in the country. The valley is known for its fine grazing and also for the great influence imparted by the forces of nature.

Avalanches are common in winter and the road is often closed. Improvements and rebuilding after avalanches have, however, improved the standard of the road and from
2003 the road was fully tarmaced.

At Geilskredvannet the valley floor is covered with rocks and stone from a landslide. The lake never fi lls up, as it runs down into an underground river that appears in between the rocks further down the valley. In several places the river disappears back into the rocks. The valley is almost treeless, but has lush grasses due to the soil from the many landslides.

In winter, the road may be closed for long periods. Young people with friends or sweethearts living in the “wrong” valley in winter, also those who commute eastwards to Hellesylt do not always feel like taking the arduous alternative route, some 100 km via Nordfjord to Ørsta, Sæbø and home to Øye. They choose to walk or ski over the closed section.